Full Lower Extremity

Lower Extremity Mobility and Banded Exercise Routine: A Physical Therapy Treatment Session

In this video, I give you a brief look into a treatment session with a patient that I am training for a 5-month long hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. This hike is 2,650 miles stretching all the way from Mexico to Canada. It’s vital to train and prepare your body for such an extreme and prolonged journey like this, so that it can physically tolerate the elements it will endure. Visit my YouTube channel by clicking on this video for an explanation on the manual techniques and exercises used in this video.


Improve your Hamstring Mobility for Optimized Training and Performance     

Click the link in this video to learn more about hamstring mobility and the techniques used in this video                       

Hip Series part 1: Assessing Internal Rotation of the Hip

Hip Series Part 2: Improving Hip Internal Rotation Mobility


Hip Series Part 3: Activation and Loading of the Hip Internal Rotators